Cole Ink LLC 
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COPYWRITER / content specialist / WORD MAGICIAN



Reports to Marketing Director

Read it all- get to know the role – treat employment like on-line dating

The Pay:

We are a $40m manufacturing/distribution company and the pay is good for the right fit. Our AWESOME benefits and culture ROCK!! (FEW can match ‘em). If you require more $ please become a fan and wait til we grow. You can’t put a price on lovin’ where you work.  Salary is #4 reason people stay or leave jobs, so what are your 3 reasons for looking? 

The Job: (all sexes welcome)

Are you a ‘modern day’ Copywriter/Content Specialist who is naturally driven to conceptualize, create, and transform concepts into written words?  Can you write the way that people talk and still relate to those that “would never say it like that”? 

We are looking for 1 person to join the team that’s described right here and is super talented with a work ethic that shows their love for a job well done, with a well balanced team. Get to know our product and be ready to introduce every customer to ‘seeing’ those products come to life, through words. If you want to know why we support the screen printer click here. If you want to be 100% clear about the company Ryonet is building, so you know what you will contribute to click here. If you want to know the values we ’expect’ our team to live by, click here.  And FINALLY, if you want to know what kind of attitude we ‘sport’, and support, then click here.  If you are interested in coming to our Q&A and possibly working for us then spend the hours on our invite only, all about what to expect and who we are as a company website- designed to give you information not ‘sell you’ a bunch of Hype..  Finally,  a way to know us before you meet us.. start here www.poweringtheprint.com

Diverse? Well, in the world of the Screen Printer we are relating to every walk of life, because everyone can screen print and everyone who screen prints, is the Power behind the Print..We welcome your words to describe a squeegee just one more way, or describe an idea that will make a product jump off the screen.  Yet we also want you to meet deadlines, work in a creative team, show up on time, remain flexible as you respect everyone that contributes to the project and still know you own your part of the whole project.  So how do we reach the screen printer through words?  How do we capture their imagination, logic, humor?  How indeed!!. YOU!

The person in this role writes words and text for our company’s blog, internal and external facing content, press releases, catalogs, and email. The copywriter is expected to sustain and develop the company's voice across all content. Yet stay True, Serve, be the best at being better and work smart as well as hard-  and no matter what NO Writers Block…you see the big picture and that keeps you with a Positive outlook that embraces the craziness of the world of Ryonet. Words are the magic that takes us behind the looking glass.  

Do you have at least 3 years of hand-on experience and do you: 

  • Research the technical properties of products.
  • Determine what makes products appealing to consumers, then write various types of articles on a wide range of topics for a blog.
  • Provide feedback to other contributors, and editing other writers’ content without thinking you are always right but taking a contribution and making it ‘sing’.
  • Optimize content for search engines and lead generation.
  • Contribute to long-form content projects such as ebooks.
  • Conduct analytical projects to improve blog strategies/tactics.
  • Grow blog subscribers, convert visitors into leads, and expand a blog's overall reach.
  • Write clear and persuasive copy for websites, brochures, ads, and other means of advertising and know you’re always bettering your last contribution.
  • Check copy for spelling and grammar errors. Revise, edit, and proofread content as needed while still being creative and ‘human’.
  • Research competitors and keep abreast of market trends.
  • Explore different ideas and concepts for both the visual and verbal elements in tandem with the creative team.
  • Write press releases