Customer Success Manager

Customer Success Manager  





Reports to Sales Director

Read it all- get to know the role – treat employment like on-line dating

The Pay:

We are a $40m manufacturing/distribution company and the pay is good for the right fit. Our AWESOME benefits and culture ROCK!! (FEW can match ‘em). If you require more $ please become a fan and wait til we grow. You can’t put a price on lovin’ where you work.  Salary is #4 reason people stay or leave jobs, so what are your 3 reasons for looking? 

The Job: (All sexes welcome)

This role is responsible for our customer’s success through inside and inbound support. The person in this role works on customer account issues, returns, technical questions, and accepts orders. This role is the face of who we are. We take every call, we solve every problem to the best of our ability. This role requires agility in thinking and problem solving. Leading a team of dedicated individuals that's sole purpose is to help the customer.

Areas of Responsibility:

  • Provides Customers with Technical Support
  • Works with other departments to solidify a customer’s experience throughout.
  • Writes up sales orders
  • Writes up Returns (RA)
  • Manages all customer cases (Tech/CS) related
  • Trains our Customer Success Team on Products & Processes
  • Ensures we are giving the very best customer experience possible through training, measurements, and improvements.

  • No sales quota but generates approx 80-90K/month in sales
  • Manage Team of 6
  • Build Processes
  • Train in Proper procedures within NetSuite
  • Solve issues with NetSuite
  • Define team goals
  • Help define sales goal 
  • Assist reps in meeting their goals 
  • Help sales hit overall goals 
  • Overflow inbound calls
  • Sales
  • Tech support
  • Customer Service
  • Organization for the department 
  • Motivate others to be productive/Better 
  • Ongoing product and sales knowledge education