JavaScript/Web Developer



Reports to NetSuite Director

Read it all- get to know the role – treat employment like on-line dating


The Pay:

We are a $40m mfg company and the pay is good for the right fit.  Our AWESOME benefits and culture ROCK!! (FEW can match ‘em). You can’t put a price on lovin’ where you work.

The Job: (all sexes welcome)

Part of a development team that has the responsibility of supporting and enhancing Ryonet’s e-commerce store and ERP system.  Using an understanding of JavaScript, SQL, HTML, and FreeMarker languages, this Web Developer will take requirements given to them, by the NetSuite Administrator, and create solutions that meet or exceed these requirements. This is a creative role and requires an experienced eye for detail. We are looking at code school graduates that were in the top 7 of their class. There is a lot of open-source customization and requires advanced thinking, a great attitude, reasonable confidence (not arrogance) and strong work ethic. 

nothing replaces experience so here's what it takes:

Dive into and expand on a highly customized environment of NetSuite. There are two main parts of the system.

  • First, the e-commerce web store - being adaptable and able to improvise is a must. Our site processes thousands of orders a month, and customer experience is key. No pressure. We get constant update requests from our sales and marketing group, and being able to quickly prioritize and start cranking through them is a regular requirement. The site utilizes a lot of JavaScript, and some elements of our custom environment that will come naturally with an advanced understanding of JavaScript.
  • Second, our cloud-based ERP system, where our main goal is efficiency. If we can make a user’s job easier by removing a few clicks or reducing process times, we make everyone a little happier. All of us get a kick out of knowing something we just deployed is going to make someone’s job easier, it makes this is a good place to work. Daily tasks include:
    • Scripting new automated tasks
    • Creating in-application customizations including UI form customizations
    • Workflow updates and creating new processes

New implementations are brought into the system regularly. Some of these are as simple as installing a bundle, and others require understanding a third-party API, how to access it from the internal JavaScript/SuiteScript interface, ensure it is efficiently utilized to meet user needs and requires close attention to detail.

The bulk of this job will require a demonstrable understanding of the development cycle from understanding user requirements to properly debugging. We constantly test curiosity for learning new tools and systems and adapt previous knowledge to new environments.

Must Have:

  • A core understanding of JavaScript, HTML and programming concepts
  • JavaScript-based API
  • Know basic theories of reviewing and debugging scripts.
  • Experience (practical or class-based) of proper developing, commenting, debugging, testing and deploying processes.