Sales Operations Manager

Sales Operations Manager  





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The Pay:

We are a $40m manufacturing/distribution company and the pay is good for the right fit. Our AWESOME benefits and culture ROCK!! (FEW can match ‘em). If you require more $ please become a fan and wait til we grow. You can’t put a price on lovin’ where you work.  Salary is #4 reason people stay or leave jobs, so what are your 3 reasons for looking? 

The Job: (All sexes welcome)

The Sales Operations Manager helps to enable revenue goals through streamlining process, integrating systems, removing waste, improving customer experience, collecting cash and reporting results.

Areas of Responsibility:


Process & Tools:

Enable flow through process development, documentation, system integration, training and improvement.  

  • Responsible for the development and implementation of new processes and procedures for effective and efficient team operations.
  • Collaborate with Sales Management to inspect sales process quality and prioritize opportunities for improvement.
  • Facilitates an organization of continuous process improvement.
  • Create and maintain SOP’s for sales order process and training to sales team.
  • Creates KPI’s measurements for process effectiveness.
  • Implement Quosal sales proposal, contracts, and install project documents

Proposals & Contracts

  • Creates custom contracts for equipment, supply and consumables.
  • ROQ Contract Management with storage and documentation.

Administrative & Support:

  • Provide cash forecasting for all Automated Press Group (APG) projects
  • Partner with OEM; ROQ, for password collection and distribution as well as payment details
  • Work with customers on current rental program to collect monthly payments and apply payments in ERP system
  • Distribute monthly press codes to customers on rental program
  • Process equipment loan transactions in ERP system
  • Perform ROQ order fulfillment validation
  • Audit all rental programs for GAAP compliance
  • Provide direction on rental repossession and process fulfillment
  • Review all processed APG transactions in any calendar month and determine month-end WIP
  • Manage accounting transactions for all APG projects including:
    • Cash Forecasting
    • Customer Credit Approvals
    • Deposits owed
    • Open balances owed
    • Monthly Journal Entries
    • Inventory Movement
    • APG AR Reporting
  • Work with customers on sales tax exemptions