Educate First- Sell Second

We believe in the power of education.  Whether you've never screen printed before or you run a shop with multiple machines, there is always something to learn. We take it so seriously we teach our classes coast to coast every single month. There is always room and time to come be the best at being better. We seek out like minded screen print shops that want to share what they know with those that want to learn. 

We offer the Screen Print Experience (SPE) class for beginners to get their feet wet and fingers dirty. Its $299.99 for 2 days  in OR, CA, NY, FL, IL, TX, and OH.  

But we don't stop there- Need artwork classes? Yup, we've got them too. Corel and Illustrator!

See a pattern here? We love learning and teaching. We thrive on watching people grow and learn.

We know we can learn too, and we work hard as a team to always be learning through internal training. We talk about it all- products, processes, leadership, career development, etc...