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Graphic Designer/ Brand Manager   


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Read it all- get to know the role – treat employment like on-line dating

The Pay:

We are a $40m manufacturing/distribution company and the pay is good for the right fit. Our AWESOME benefits and culture ROCK!! (FEW can match ‘em). If you require more $ please become a fan and wait til we grow. You can’t put a price on lovin’ where you work.  Salary is #4 reason people stay or leave jobs, so what are your 3 reasons for looking? 

The Job: (all sexes welcome)

The Graphic Designer will manage the visual assets and develop graphic design processes that can be expanded on as we grow. Manage and make the visual content happen first, then drive the project to an on time deliverable.  Consistent improvements – examine and analyze past successful campaigns, reinventing them to be used ‘differently’. The person in this role will leverage all best, as well as next, practices and trends in visual and brand media marketing. More than enjoy being creative, they live in the socially brave zone, thinking of, and executing on, the fun ways to introduce Ryonet’s Brand (product and team) to the world and understand how to build an audience. The graphic designer is all about Ryonet, highly motivated, positive and creative, with experience and passion that can be measured in results as they connect with current and future customers.

Must have ALL these skills:

     Skills at an Expert level:

·       Creative suite adobe i.e.,: Photoshop: Photo editing, Layout, Ad creation, Branding, Graphic production

·       Web Design and development i.e.: HTML, DHTML or comparable tools, web analytics and GUI (Including layout 

     Skills at an Intermediate Level:

·       Adobe ‘Creative Suite”  i.e.- Illustrator, InDesign

Areas of Responsibility- Visual Design, Web Dev., and Manage Design Projects: repeatable timelines, delegation processes and managing the graphics asset portfolio.

  • Drive the visual project
    • ead on all visual graphics being produced
  • Creative Visual Design Entrepreneur
    • reedom to create visually stunning grpahics that capture the customers wonder int he Ryonet product lines
  • Visual Brand/Marketing
    • reate and maintain Brand standards for the organization
  • Detailed Documented Processes
    • roject management and SOP creation for graphic production guidlines