How Our Core Values Were Born

A Ryonet Team Member is its greatest asset with unlimited possibility.

At Ryonet, we understand that it takes a great team to make a great company. Our “bus” has plenty of room on it and we welcome you aboard. Your trip with Ryonet can take you as far as you want as long as we’re traveling in the same direction. If you are going a different direction, you’ll need to find a different “bus”. We’ve outline the following to help us attract and retain the type of team members we want traveling on and driving this “bus”. We keep this in mind as we grow in business, deal with customers, hire new team members, part ways with old team members, and continue to create a great company with great team members!

What does Ryonet look for in an ideal team member?

An ideal and ultimately successful Ryonet team member has a positive mental attitude that positively affects their work and their life. They understand that they can get anything in life they want, if they help enough other people and it shows in their dealings with their customers and/or co-workers. They do what is asked and ask what can be done. They are always eager to learn and retain. They hold their head high and walk with a spring in their step! They are pro active in finding solutions in their job and for the company. They go the extra mile, often come in early or stay late, and can be trusted when the chips are up or down. They’ll go out of their way to help a customer no matter how large or small. They look for opportunity, go after it, and if they are shot down, try again! An ideal team member understands that they are owed nothing but they have everything to gain. They strive to be a better, healthier, smarter and happier person because they realize that they must love themselves first in order to be able to give the most happiness and love to others.

What inhibits a team member from being successful at Ryonet?

A negative attitude, disparaging comments to others that damage moral, sluggish behavior, not learning from mistakes, unconfident, disrespect of a customer, a superior, or a co-worker, dishonest behavior, coming in late, leaving early, an unhealthy lifestyle, asking why without posing a solution, resistance to change, unwilling to grow, constantly complaining and blaming the world. Looking outward as everything else is wrong not me, instead of looking inward at what do I need to fix first?

An ideal company

We understand it takes ideal team members to help make an ideal company. In order to attract and retain ideal team members we constantly strive create an environment where ideal team members can excel and succeed. We strive to..

• Provide opportunities to ANYONE who seeks and works for them.
• Pay a competitive wage for the job performed and ability to advance job description and earning potential.
• Educate for the job and evaluate performance.
• Provide opportunity and the resources for someone to advance their knowledge in their work or new areas of interest.
• Encourage questions and understand mistakes happen as long as they are learned from and not repeated.
• Provide low-cost healthcare for team members and contribute to family health care to help maintain healthy and happy team members.
• Give team members paid time off to recharge their batteries.
• Provide the efficient tools to do and excel at the job required.
• Relinquish trust and responsibility to the team member.
• Give team members earned ownership of their job, department, or division.
• Contribute to the team members future and provide resources for team members to learn, earn, plan and save for their own future.