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You see print everywhere you look.

It makes people laugh.
It brings families together and turns strangers into neighbors.
It opens doors, and crushes cubicles.

Print pays your bills.
It fills your life with purpose,
wakes you up early and keeps you up at night.

It is a voice for the voiceless.
Through print, movements find their spark,
causes are championed.

Print is the words you wake up with – still sitting on your tongue.
It’s the vision of greatness, burned into your heart.
It’s the beauty of ink on a shirt, on a poster, on a wall…
on the back of a stranger on the subway.

Your print is waiting for you.
Whether it’s your very first, or you’ve simply lost count
We believe that print lives in everyone
and that print is power.

So expose it. Ink it. Press it.
Bring print to life!

We believe in powering the print,
and that through print, we can can do anything.